Information about company trade names, including trade title registrations and trade name lookup.

See an inventory and map of all of the website traffic development investment jobs

For every some other traffic signal problems (timing, walk keys, etc.) be sure to execute a request. IF A TRAFFIC INDICATION IS BEYOND SOLUTION PLEASE NAME AUTHORITIES NON-EMERGENCY (203-977-4444).

Document a lower or bending tree. Report big limbs which have dropped from an urban area tree that are obstructing roads or sidewalks.

Report dangerous conditions with forest grates on City pavements or toes pathways.

Report a tree which obstructing ideal of means or triggering obstruction of symptoms or path approaches.

Document any signs on residential or commercial homes which can be suspected to get into violation in the area Zoning rules.

Document hazardous ailments on urban area pathways or feet routes.

Report domestic street problem vehicle parking space that’s supposed abandoned.

Document dangerous trees or nuisance plant life situated in a regulated area. Regulated avenues integrate wetlands, watercourses, unique flooding danger locations and selected open space preserve/conservation easements.

All about Veteran’s Discharges and accessibility the Affidavit of Claimant for army Exemption form.

Town-clerk provides the formal response relating to Absentee Ballots. Issues with regards to Voter subscription and Poling internet sites will likely be guided toward Registrar of Voters. Email Town Clerk at

The lab will sample well liquid for different variables and examination liquid from domiciles on a general public water-supply (city h2o) for lead and copper.

Document questions about the measuring of gas at gas pumps, the scales at supermarkets, gauging fuel practices from oil vehicles, therefore the possible have to calibrate highway machines.

Link between well liquid evaluation, such as a map supplying the test results for Chlordane and Dieldrin (town and private).

Specifics of understanding regulated, exactly what a watercourse was, and exactly what wetlands tend to be.

Questions resulting from the storm. This consult kind is actually for Non-Emergency problems.

Report a building, design, secure, excavation, signage, or domestic place for commercial need that could be in violation of Zoning rules.

An online software to apply for a change in the Stamford zoning map.

Entry to zoning guidelines

All about zoning violations.

Sewer Assessment & Connections

Sewer tests are allotted to properties which can be benefited when newer sewers include setup. Tests derive from the expense of the building project utilizing a formula decided by regulation (Stamford signal point 200-41). Any leftover outlay not settled by evaluation become integrated into the WPCA consumer fee.

A connection fee try allotted to a residential property when construction causes the creation of extra units connected to the established sanitary sewer system. The goal of the cost should make sure higher has associated with the program will bear their own fair share with the investment cost of the machine. The WPCA imposes these costs as given by state law (Connecticut standard Statutes A§7-255) therefore the urban area Charter with the town of Stamford (Sec. C6-160). The town of Stamford connections Charge regimen has been doing force since January 1973.

Types of residential property susceptible to examination and contacts

Real Estate

Assessment/Connection accounts become debts from City of Stamford and so are linked to the property, never the owner of the house. Upon exchange of title, the fresh proprietor gets accountable for any exceptional expense because in the course of subject transfer if you don’t paid from earlier owner. CT General Statues call for the assortment of assessment and relationship fees follow the CT condition Statutes for tax range.

Mailing of debts tests / contacts are due November 1 were shipped on or just around Oct 15.

In the event that you don’t see your assessment/connection bill, phone the Tax enthusiasts workplace. Per Sec. 12-130 in the CT standard Statutes

Troubles to receive an assessment/connection bill doesn’t exempt taxation or interest. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ACQUIRING AN ASSESSMENT/CONNECTION COSTS AND INVESTING ON TIME.

Delinquent Interest

Interest on delinquent fees was recharged at the price of 1.5percent per complete or limited thirty days in accordance with Connecticut standard Statute 12-146 a€?a€¦ the late portion of the principal of any taxation will be subject to interest within rates of eighteen percent per annum through the opportunity when it turned because of and payable through to the exact same is actually settled, at the mercy of the absolute minimum interest charge of two dollarsa€¦a€?

Per state law, problem to get a tax bill will not exempt the taxation payer from payment of great interest. Connecticut General Statutes try not to give taxation enthusiasts the power to waive interest costs. There are simply no exceptions.

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