I still feel proud when I name the company though some people may not even know about it. Though I still had an unforgettable bitter experience there down the years, I still proud of this company. There is a reason behind it.

Today, 11th June, is one of the most memorable and most important day in my life as I complete a decade in this IT industry. I deliberately want to look back and review my early days. Of course you need to do every now and then but a decade is a significant milestone. Exactly 10 years back on the same day, I stepped into the whole new world, the so called “professional world” with a lot of enthusiasm as well as anxiety.
I had become a guy who want to explore things, take challenges and never to get in to the comfort zone. That made me to move around different companies, different geographies, learn and explore different technologies, meet different people and experience different culture which is inevitable for a true professional.
Last but not least, my parents, my wife Vidhya and my daughter Harshita who are the ultimate motivation and everything for me for whatever I am done, doing and will do. I thank them for their support and sacrifice till date and for the future too as I have still long way to go and achieve even many things. 
This decade is a pure foundation for my next decade. I certainly want to comeback at the end of next decade and review it again as what I am today and what I will be 10 years down the line. I pray god almighty to provide me and my family strength and wellness and help me in achieving great things in life and serve for the social well being. I may be little exaggerate here or if someone thinks so. Whatever the quantity of success small or big, if I am not admired of it or praise it then who else can.